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MOTHER in many languages (EMAK dalam bahasa di dunia)

Posted by Wahyudi English on January 30, 2008

Countries/Languages Negara/Bahasa

The word “MOTHER” “EMAK


Emak, Bunda, Ibu

Sambas, Pontianak (Malay-Indonesia)

Mak, Umma’

Betawi (Malay-Indonesia)


Sunda (Indonesia)

Ema, Indung

Madura (Indonesia)

Emma’, Ebo’

Bali (Indonesia)

Meme, Biang

Aceh (Indonesia)

Umi, Nyak

Minang (Indonesia)

Mande, Bundo

Read more (selengkapnya) Mother in many languages (Emak dalam bahasa di dunia)


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Self-Study Quizzes (Grammar Online)

Posted by Wahyudi English on January 25, 2008

Start with an Easy Quiz


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Creativity in making sentence (improving your speaking)

Posted by Wahyudi English on January 21, 2008

Try to be creative in constructing your sentences.
For example, if someone asks you…

What is your name?” you can answer “Wahyudi“. Your answer is acceptable. However, it will be better in your practicing phase if you create your answer by innovating and being creative.

For instance,

My name is Wahyudi. My parents call me Wahyu. My friend usually call me Yudi. You can call me Wahyu or Yudi or Wahyudi. But, please don’t call me Ayu, because Ayu is usually for female in our culture”.

This strategy will help you to upgrade your speaking ability especially in your practicing phase.

Another strategy, say anything of what you see and feel in English, for example, take something, let say a book, then say anything about the book in English.

“This is a book. The color of this book is yellow. This is an English book. This book discusses about English Grammar. This book is very useful for me to study English. It is written by Betty and published by Pearson English Language Teaching”

read more

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Belajar Bahasa Inggris Online (Online English)

Posted by Wahyudi English on January 21, 2008

Kemajuan teknologi tertutama dalam dunia maya (internet) memberikan kita kesempatan yang cukup besar untuk belajar bahasa Inggris secara online. Ada banyak sekali situs-situs pendidikan bahasa Inggris yang menyediakan materi-materi pembelajaran bahasa Inggris kepada kita. Ada yang mempersyaratkan bayaran, dan banyak sekali yang gratisan.Dibawah ini ada beberapa situs-situs belajar bahasa Inggris yang saya kumpulkan dalam kesempatan ini, semoga bermanfaat:

Sebelum itu Mungkin ada juga anda akan membaca posting yang berhubungan:

Bahasa Inggris sulit??? (Masalah dan Solusinya) click disini ——- Kenapa pengucapan bahasa Inggris penting, video lucu click disini —— Salah satu strategi meningkatakan Speaking tahap awal click disini ——– Video belajar bahasa Inggris click disini ——– Latihan tenses secara online click disini ——- easy questions click disini ——- dan Survey Santai disamping kanan warna biru


  1. ESL Go

  2. Bell English Online

  3. English home

  4. English for Free

  5. English online net

  6. ESL Partyland (Quiz Center)

  7. English Language Quizzes

  8. ESL Test: English Grammar Tenses – ESL Quiz

  9. Super Quiz Machine for ESL Students

  10. Quiz for ESL Students

  11. Irregular Verbs – Spelling Quiz

  12. E. L. Easton – English – Exercises, Quizzes, Tests

  13. English Grammar for ESL Learners

  14. Grammar Activities (Ohio ESL)

  15. ESL – English Exercises and Quizzes

  16. Yang Pake bahasa Indonesia:

  17. selebihnya click disini

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Irregular Verbs

Posted by Wahyudi English on January 20, 2008

Irregular Verbs read the list of irregular verbs

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Radat of Sambas goes to Terengganu Malaysia

Posted by Wahyudi English on January 19, 2008

Tarian Radat Sambas

Tari Radat Sambas (Radat Dance of Sambas)

Radat dance is usually performed in a wedding party or other cultural ceremonies. Radat is one of various Sambas Malay cultures which is the assimilation between Malay and Islamic Middle East cultures.


Radat in Terengganu.

Until today, it is still difficult to track the exact period of when Radat came to Terengganu. However, according to some Radat instructors of Terengganu that this performance originally came from Middle East since the lyrics are mostly copied from Hadrah Book, and music instruments are almost identical with Rebana (tambourine) of Hadrah. It is believed that Radat was introduced by some traders of Sambas, West Borneo. read more baca selengkapnya

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Tips and Ideas for the First Day of Classes

Posted by Wahyudi English on January 19, 2008

One of the most important class days is the first. The first day can excite students about the class, calm their fears, and set their expectations for the semester. The first day is an opportunity for the teacher to get to know and begin to evaluate students and to express expectations for the semester.

1. Be Early

Be early for class, even if only a few minutes, so that you can write on the board what the class is, i.e. Conversation 305, Intensive Level 5. Being early allows you to arrange the room the way you want to and to make sure all the necessary equipment is there. Write your name on the board. Do you want your students first impression of you to be one where you run in like a chicken with your head cut off, or one where you appear organized and in control? read more

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34 Easy Questions

Posted by Wahyudi English on January 19, 2008

  1. How often do you play tennis?
    a. On Tuesday.
    b. For two hours.
    c. Almost every day.
    d. With John.
  2. Where do you usually eat lunch?
    a. Sandwich.
    b. With Jane.
    c. At 12:00.
    d. In the cafeteria.
  3. How long did you study last night?
    a. With Bob.
    b. In my room.
    c. English.
    d. For three hours. next questions

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English teaching Articles

Posted by Wahyudi English on January 19, 2008

There are some websites which provide various material for developing our English teaching skills. Click one of them then you will be connected to the address (in new window)

  1. English teaching articles
  2. English teaching materials for ESL
  3. Download Free English Lesson and Lesson Plan
  4. Solution for English Teaching
  5. E. L. Easton – English online
  6. Free ESL Worksheets, English Teaching Materials, ESL Lesson Plans

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Why I named my sons MIZ and MID

Posted by Wahyudi English on January 17, 2008

Muhammad, The Prophet [Peace Be Upon Him] said: On the Day of Resurrection you will be called by your names and by your father’s names, so give yourselves good names. (Bukhari) One of the first duties a Muslim parent has is choosing a name for their newborn child. Muslims must choose a good name that has a righteous meaning that will befit and bring blessings to the child throughout his or her life. Umar (RA) said: ‘To whomsoever a child is born, he should be given a good name, sound education and when becomes of age he should be married.Then, why I named my sons Muhammad Iqbal Zahirulhaq (my first boy) and Muhammad Islam Dhyaulhaq (my second boy)? The first word of my sons’ name is Muhammad. This name is after the name of our Prophet, the most noble man in the world, in which I pray that Allah, the lord of universe, provides His bless to my sons to have good personality, attitude, and behavior like The Prophet Muhammad. Besides, giving my baby boy’s name after The Prophet’s name is recommended by him because it is one of blessed (barakah) names. As he states in his hadith “Whoever is named after me with the hope of being blessed, he will be blessed and will be in peace till the day of Qiyaamat.” “To whoever is born a boy and he names him Muhammad solely for the love of me and for the blessings of my name, then both he (the father) and his son will enter Jannah (paradise).”
read the detail baca selengkapnya

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