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Wahyudi (Short Biography I)

Posted by Wahyudi English on January 17, 2008


I am a teacher of Pontianak State Polytechnic. I live in Pontianak with my wife and my two baby boys in a small house. Wiwik Rahayu, my wife, is an ordinary housewife. My first boy, Muhammad Iqbal Zahirulhaq, was born in Mempawah, a small city 70 km from Pontianak, on February 5th, 2006 and my second boy, Muhammad Islam Dhyaulhaq, was also born in the same city in June 13th, 2007.

I come from Semparung (now part of Desa Tri Gadu), a small village of Galing subdistrict, Sambas regency. I was born in that village on November 19th, 1975. I am the first child of five. In 1983 I went to an Islamic elementary school, Madrasah Ibtidaiyah, in Selangkin, Galing subdistrict. In 1989 I left my village for a small town named Sekura to continue my study. In this town, I went to a public secondary school, SMP Negeri I Sekura. In Sekura I live with my cousins, who also studied in the town, in a small dorm built by my cousin’s parents for their children, nieces and nephews. After having finished my secondary school with an average achievement, I went to a public vocational school, SMEA Negeri Sekura, now SMK Negeri Sekura, in 1992. I was majoring administration study program at that time. I was a star student in my class.

In 1994 I was awarded for my achievement in the class. I got a free ticket to enter Tanjungpura University without being tested. I took English study program of Teacher Training and Education faculty. Since my English background was very poor, I found many obstacles in following the class. It took me three semesters to adapt. In July 2000 I finished my study at the university with above average GPA.

Soon after having finished my study I was recruited by Pontianak State Polytechnic as a part time teacher. Besides, I was also a part time teacher in civil engineering faculty of Tanjungpura University. For about four years as a part time teacher, I was promoted as a full time teacher as a civil servant in the polytechnic at the beginning 2005.

As a civil servant, my main duty is teaching English. However, the director of the polytechnic assigned me to involve in a big project, Technological and Professional Skills Development Project, funded by Asian Development Bank as a supporting member. In August 2005 I was awarded to take an opportunity for English for Business Communication short course (three months) in University of New South Wales, Australia. I was also assigned to be a member of accreditation team for Accounting Department. In January 2007, for the second time I was awarded to take a chance for general English short course (one month) in Academy of Australasia, New South Wales, Australia. Besides, I took various domestic trainings and seminars. In February 2007 I was assigned by the director to take a responsibility as the head of Language Learning Center of the polytechnic (UPT Bahasa) until now.



3 Responses to “Wahyudi (Short Biography I)”

  1. nurlisa said

    sir…. i have family in Selangkin. i ever have gone there……… nice to meet your blog… i love it

  2. Bioku said

    Da’an ngarti tok be, ape i rati’nye.. ;D

  3. tiopanus said

    hello..i have read your biography…i am interested with your life story…ok the firt thing i want to do is to introduce myself..i am tiopanus,20 years old,my town is sintang..i am studing in philippines right now…i want to know more about your students,can they grasp the lesson well?? thanks

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