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Creativity in making sentence (improving your speaking)

Posted by Wahyudi English on January 21, 2008

Try to be creative in constructing your sentences.
For example, if someone asks you…

What is your name?” you can answer “Wahyudi“. Your answer is acceptable. However, it will be better in your practicing phase if you create your answer by innovating and being creative.

For instance,

My name is Wahyudi. My parents call me Wahyu. My friend usually call me Yudi. You can call me Wahyu or Yudi or Wahyudi. But, please don’t call me Ayu, because Ayu is usually for female in our culture”.

This strategy will help you to upgrade your speaking ability especially in your practicing phase.

Another strategy, say anything of what you see and feel in English, for example, take something, let say a book, then say anything about the book in English.

“This is a book. The color of this book is yellow. This is an English book. This book discusses about English Grammar. This book is very useful for me to study English. It is written by Betty and published by Pearson English Language Teaching”



57 Responses to “Creativity in making sentence (improving your speaking)”

  1. ly tana said

    Hello wahyudi my name is anggelika.. you can call me ly…how old of you?? i’d like to company with your english class…can i???

  2. sarah said

    hii mas wahyudi..my name is sarah,,am a student in university ,,i take the major english language,,but has would 3 years ago i studied in university i have filling my speak english not bad,,so i have dissapointed by myself…thx very much after i opened your article i have inspiration to study hard,,,my ambition is i want to be good a teacher english langaueg,,,but would you help me to teaching english ???? i want to be like u,,,,,u can speak english very well…….glad to meet you….if u have new information ,,please send to my email : sarahmai260@yahoo.com

    Thank’s in advance

  3. riska nidhea said

    hy mr.wahyu…aku riska. aku pingin minta saran nih.! mau ya?? gimana sih caranya biar bahasa inggrisku bisa cpt lancar dn bner?aku dah sering belajar, bahkan sampek ngoceh” sendiri. tapi lok disengaja aku susah bgt wat ngmong inggris. sedangkan kalo asal ngmong, itu malah bener???? gimana nih caranya??

  4. amad said

    thats really good , i can improve my english skill , thanks .,.,.,..

  5. sri farida said

    hi,mr.wahyudi.my name is sri farida.i am interesting to join english course online with you.i’ve problems in my english

  6. Hasni Ahmad said

    hi Mr. Wahyu and all….
    my name is Hasni Ahmad, i am a woman. my parents call me Hasni and my friends in the office call me hasni some are call me mama aliya. i am working with TNC in Berau office. i always have problem with english. either in language or in writing. I really wish could study here with you. please help me to improve my skill in english….. 🙂

  7. leysi said

    hello , i’m leysi . nd call me leysi . i have problem with english language , but i must study because i’m a student in university of SUMUT. i to take english departement .
    how i can study english of speech . to request please sir .
    thanks . ^_^

  8. retno kartika said

    hi, mr.wahyudi, let me introduce my self. my name is retno kartikasari, you can call me retno or kartika. My closed friend often call me miss or goni. i’m 23 years old n i’m willing study english. some time i feel shy if i talk english with my friend. i’m afraid if i make many mistake in my spech. but deep in my heart, i have a dream to be good in english. with english we can be a part of the world,can make conection with each other persons in other country, we can share knowledge, information, culture and take the best main of all subject. i don’t know, however my write is good or still have many mistake. i hope i can study better from you and all the human who want improve their english knowledge. thanks…

  9. eny said

    i like this treatment but for me this is very difficult becouse im the old women ..now im 40 years old

  10. Fatma said

    Hi, Mr. Wahyu. I’m dian fafa. It’s not my real name. It’s just my email name. I’m an English teacher. You know I have students with low willing to practice English. They told me that they are shy. but I just try to motivate them by using simple expression if I meet them. Some of them want to practice it. Do you have any suggestion for me? to improve my students’ willing in practicing their english? Thanks.

    • Wahyudi English said

      that’s also my concern. what i’m trying now is encouraging students to speak freely with their own creativity. i dont push them with complicated language rules

  11. Nandar said

    Hy mr.wahyu… How are you? My name is Arif Munandar, my parents call me nandar, n friends at my lives call me nandar , but my friends at school call me arif.. I’m very happy if my friends and my parents call me Arif only.. I didn’t want if they are call me with nanda or nandar.. But I cant talking for.. I dont know if this writen right or wrong… Wkwkwkwk i just to try….! Mr.yudi can you said for my error writed???? Dont smile… I cant speak english with right

  12. klo tntang keinginan untuk lancar brkata2 dlam bhs inggris…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sudah pasti tdak diragukan lagi.
    “tapppi………..”hanya sayasendiri yang mau mlakukannya.
    hampir smua orang di dkat saya brpikiran ” bhasa inggris tuh tdk mnarik tdk brmanfaat” .kalo tmn saya brkata dmikian? “Mr. what am i going to do ????”
    klo brbicara bhs yg asing di tlinga orang lain, dan orang di samping kita tdk mngerti mmna mau asyiik?????????????? yang ada mlah di ktawain !!!.klo bgini trus mana bisa lancar brbahasa inggris ???!
    mohon sarannya biar keseharian saya tetap brsahabat dgn bhs inggris …………!

  13. Yusuf said

    hello Mr. Wahyudi my name is Yusuf, im 23 years old, now still study in veteran university, mining engineering depatement. i always practice my english because i think english its very important for this globalisation, this time and the future english is the primary sains for all generations
    thank u so much Mr.Wahyudi, u are good boy, we can learned free with u

  14. hery said

    how to improve our english speaking.Cause my weakness in english is speaking.it’s very difficult to start speak english.thank you for you support.

  15. hello mr. wahyudi,

    let me intoduce myself,
    my name is lutfi, i work in surabaya city.
    i have some problem to learn english.
    grammer is really difficult for me, if i’m never used it. so i need partner for conversation, haheheheh, and please teach me more about grammar 🙂

    *really i want to learn about english more and more

  16. andy said

    sorry before because my ingglish is bad.

    hello mr. wahyudy

    nice to meet you in article! let me introduce my self: my name is andi imran please call me andy, am working in a hotel. so, am meeting with many WNA but I have problem with ingglish speaking,
    please help me to lear speaking.

    thanks before

    note: for guys share with me by imel: imeimran@yahoo.co.id
    or phone : 085.393.482.773/0878.1240.2826

  17. evie said

    hallo mr.wahyudi…
    my name is evie,my parent and friends call me evi. nice to meet u… please help me for speak english.thank u very much…..

  18. SUPRIADI said

    tlong ajarin cy bhs inggrs donkz cz pgen bgt sa ngmong pke bhsa inggrs,,
    tlong ya mas

  19. linda said

    may i joint in the blog, sorry my English not good but i want spaek English very well, please help me

  20. abraar said

    i have quistion,mr yudi what is the right sentence above
    speak english or do speak englis.
    thank for your help before

  21. Devi said

    Hi Mr. Wahyudi..
    my name is Devi. I’m 27 yo and now i’m working as a Program Administration at one of business school in jakarta. actually i’ve learned about english when i was in high school. at that time, i always speak english with my friend. but, since i working i can’t practice my english very often.

    can you give me some tips, how do i start to practice my english again? i want to speak english fluently 😦

    waiting for your reply ya


  22. ronald said

    My name is Ronald,iam work at hote(five star) in jakarta
    i have a dream work at cruise ship but, i was problem with my engglish!
    my answer maybe can you help me,iam very interested work at cruise ship!

  23. Diana said

    Hello mr wahyudi. how are you today?
    My name is Mardiana, you can call me Diana, I am glad to learn English online with you, I realize my english not so good, but I would be far better to learn and practice it, I hope you can help me to improve English, I often practice English with my friends, but not sustainable, so will you be my teacher directly, and continuing until I can be said to be able to speak english well. to write these words I just took a long time he …^_^

    • Wahyudi English said

      Diana ….. You’ve got gooood English.

    • wawan said

      hellow diana,how are you. glad to meet you.
      my name is wawan.i have learnt english for long.but i fond much problem to practice my english.can you help me?

    • wawan said

      helow Mr.wahyu. my name is eriawan.my pupils call me Mr.wawan.much among my friends call me awan.But my neighbour call me the fat man.i am a techer.i have studied english for long but i found much problem to practice n answering my english.sometime i am shy because my english is bad.do you have solution to me.i do need help from you.thenks

  24. hartini said

    my full name is hartini,ussualy my family call me,har or tini and my frends same also,mas wahyu please help me for learn conversation and comunication at listening and talking,i hope for the future i’m good for english language.tks

  25. ila said

    hai..my name is ila,i’m stay at malaysia…i want learn enlish more batter…
    but i don’t know how…evryone can teach me??plzz

  26. andha said

    heyyy mas wahyu,,,, my full name is suwanda lestari,,, i have many nick name,,, when i in junior high schooll my friend call me cikwan,so in my senior high school my nick name is su,,, in my university my friend call me sule (oughhh i didnt like this name) but my family call me anda,,,, hahhhaha
    mas wahyu i cant to speak n write english well plizzz help me

  27. linda evans said

    hi my name’s linda evans, but u can call me linda, i’ve problem with my english so i’m sorry if my english is bad or make u confused 🙂
    i would like to join in this conversation because i really want to learn english

  28. yuna said

    please tell me how can speak english ?
    i want english actif..
    sdh benarkah penyusunan kalimat saya??

  29. demak said

    wow… ivent i can not write in Ingglish. but i can intruduce me.. my name Demak. my husband cal me sayang,.. may parent cal me demak…

    i have a big dream can speaking n write leater to obama presiden USA. heheh…

  30. andika said

    hello, my name is andika. call me andi or dika. i want learn english language. i try, and i try forever to learn, so i can speak english. my dream, i want to walking2 to world. im sorry, my word and sentence iregular. maksute kacau balau.hehe…….. tapi katanya klu mau bisa, hrs brani dulu, wrong no problem!

  31. retno said

    mas wahyudi ..
    help me in learn to use english language .
    although only internet .
    i want learn to use english language , i want can speaking in english language ..
    sorry if english language still very messy ..
    please help me ..

  32. deisa said

    ok i will try

    let me introduce my self,my name deisa.my family call me ica but my friends ussualy call me dei. so you can call me ica or dei

    all,go spirit for improving our english ^^

    • retno said

      hy ..
      my name is retno . my parents call me retno but my friends call me eno ..
      nice too meet you ..
      we learn to use english language in speaking ..

  33. maddshafy said

    hi there, my name is ahmad shafy, you can call me ahmad, but please, dont call me sapi, because it’s female name and meaning ‘cow’ in my own language LOL

  34. welly said

    i many learn from you. Thank you very much.

  35. aida said

    haloo mas,
    tolong ajarkan saya.. saya kurang begitu pinter bahasa inggir lebih tepatnya tidak bisa bahasa inggris (pasif). pertama – tama apa yg harus saya lakukan..?

  36. Indra said

    Ajharin aq donk cara nyusun kata2

  37. gustee said

    thanks for u’r article. maybe i can understand if i read. but can u help me. why if i listen my friends speaks englist. my mind so dificult for mean it.last, sorry my english is not good. caus that i want speaks n write for english good. maybe 75 %. what can i do…..?? help me……

  38. meela said

    thank for your article and very good. i understand if just reading but for speaking ang lintening i nol, please help my problem

  39. celine said

    saya sdh banyak berkali2 belajar bahasa english dikursus,dan pernah kursus di canada selama 3 bulan, trus selama ini saya kalau lagi rajin ambil les private or kursus ..dan telah 4 thn tinggal di amrik tinggal sama keluarga amrika..tp english saja masih blum bisa juga..malahan saja jd frustasi krn mreka ngak mengerti kalau saya sedang berkata2 krn mungkin logat saya yg tdk mereka mengerti dan juga saya ngak begitu baik mengucapkannya.
    yg mana saja juga bingung gimana nyusun kalimat2 kalu mau berkata, yg lebih sedihnya saja ini koq ngak bisa terima n ingat kata2 baru ,jd kalu mau ngomong ngak tau apa yg harus diucapkan uda gitu pake kata2 yg itu2 melulu yg sederhana..
    gimana cara utk bisa menambah kata2 baru dan berkata2 dgn benar kalu mau katakan yg sdh kemarin2 atau baru skrg atau mau cerita utk hal yga akan dilakukan…
    terima kasih…

    • Wahyudi said

      kalo sudah 4 thn tinggal di amrik, bahasa inggris celine pasti jauh lebih bagus dari pada bahasa inggri saya.

      • celine said

        Mas Wahyudi,terima kasih tuk balasannya. seharusnya memang begitu ya sdh harus lebih bagus,tp krn hambatan2 itulah yg membuat saya belum maju2 dan juga saya memang dr dulu agak lambat utk pelajaran bahasa jangankan bhs english ,bhs indonesia saja saya kalau sdh bisa lulus itu sdh bersyukur..

        tologn dibantu donk Mas Wahyudi dgn kelemah2an yg saya miliki, gimana utk bisa mengingat atau memiliki kata yg baru shg kalu mau ngomong saya bisa ungkapan…

        terima kasih ya.

  40. thanks for publishing this article. i want to study english by joining in english class. i hope that effort can improve my skill in english.

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