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English Video

These videos taken from JenniferESL.


17 Responses to “English Video”

  1. it’s usefull for me as the beginner english learner.

  2. By this video I can improve my english,please send the others,so I can learn it regularly.agive me some suggestions in order toimprove my english. Thanks alot,If you don’t mind I wannna share to my friends as english teachers………

  3. suparso andre said

    Gimana cara belajar bahasa inggris dan menghafal kata2 ya..
    ku pengen bisa menghafal semua kata2 bahasa inggris dlam sehari”

  4. nandi said

    kita sulit belajar bahasa inggris karena dalam keseharian bahasa inggris blum telalu di gunakan untuk bahasa ke dua seperti ngra lainya german, prancis,singapur

  5. yuki said

    i would like to say that,this is very impressive to learn english with you.but i have a problem with my speaking skill.i can speak english almost well,but it’s just when i speak it on the mirror or when i’m alone and no body hears it.but when i directly speak to others,i have no idea what to say.would you please help me?

  6. petre said

    …god ..god and god

  7. To Wahyudi: what a cozy and helpful site you have in here. I love it so I link it to mine that I am in process to make it searchable by search engines. Would you please link back to mine so we can share what we can share?

    To Rio: to be skillfull in English one must have a great motivation and great desire to be so. And, you have already had them both. Now you just need to find the right methods to accomplish your desire. And don’t forget, keep practicing what you’ve got now because Practice makes perfect!!! You must be active to communicate either through writing or orally. This means you need to have someone else to practice with. My new born site (http://swarabhaskara.byethost11.com) offers a forum to practice English online, besides its English learning tutorials, of course. You’re welcome to take part in it. Good luck in pursuing what you have desired.

  8. rio said

    i love english so much…so, help me to improve my knowledge in english sir…

    i need your suggestion to study englsih faster and fluently…

    give some tips please/…

  9. leo said

    Top Banget Dehh thx………..

  10. putri said

    i think, to study english very difficult, i don’t know how to can understand language english and can talk english…

  11. ahmedo rofiqo said

    it’s really a goo we site to learn more about english.
    sir… how i get the url for the vidio that you had posted here then i can down load it?. truely i want to learn more and improve my english….


  12. chaperdeh said

    it’s really help me to learn english better, i hope it’ll be continually posted.. thanks alot

  13. […] English Video […]

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